“The key asset in modern organizations are not people as such.
It is the QUALITY OF RELATIONSHIP and TRUST between people.
Trust drives ENGAGEMENT”
– Steven M.R. Covey

Studium Komunikacji w Biznesie w oparciu o Porozumienie bez Przemocy

Constructive Communication in Business

based on Nonviolent Communication NVC  

Poland 2019 I EDITION

We invite you for a year-long intense Constructive Communication in Business Programme, based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC). The programme includes 6 two-day modules (84 hours), led by experienced Nonviolent Communication trainers from Poland and abroad. Combining theory and down-to-earth practice, the programme enables shift in communication-culture within an organization to create more positive business relationships.

Why Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?

NVC, created by Marshall Rosenberg, is a needs-based approach to communication, aimed at building relationships, connection, trust and respect. It is also a set of tools and practices which can help transform workplace into environment where people thrive. Its impact goes beyond management tools – NVC enhances individual’s integrity and ability to take responsibility, while it also supports cooperation and teamwork.

Some of the benefits of Nonviolent Communication for individuals and organizations include:

  • Sustainable improvements to relationships and communication on a system-wide basis.
  • Enabling smooth inter-departmental collaboration that translates into efficiency and measurable results.
  • Development of constructive conflict resolution skills, leading to more rapid resolution and productive outcomes.
  • Raising awareness of what needs to happen or be said to create cooperation and avoid unnecessary conflicts or silent resentment.
  • Increased positivity within the work environment, which supports higher motivation, engagement and sustainable productivity.

For whom:

  • Leaders
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Project coordinators, Scrum masters (Agile)
  • Company owners
  • HR departments’ employees
  • Business trainers who want to expand their skills

Benefits for participants:

  • They will learn NVC basics step-by-step to boost both their communication skills and self-awareness.
  • They will expand their people management skills to be more effective in growing their teams’ potential and drive, while delivering results.
  • They will strengthen their relationships and gain skills for creating agreements that work for all.
  • They will gain conflict-solving skills, which contributes to motivation and responsibility of all involved.
  • They will learn to react with integrity and enhance their resilience to challenges.
  • They will learn how to take care of own needs, while considering what is important for others.
  • Regardless of their position in an organization - they will learn how to positively influence the organizational culture and engagement of their co-workers.



4-5 April 2019

Introduction to NVC in Business

  • Basic tools and assumptions of NVC.
  • Impact of language and how to adapt to different people so it works within an organization.
  • Traps of communication in business.
  • Practical theory bits matched up with practice.

Trainer: Kay Rung (Sweden)


23-24 May 2019

Self-management in business context

  • Understanding anger and creating partnership with it, so that it supported connection and achieving business results.
  • Recognizing the power of life-enriching beliefs and understanding their impact in the workplace.
  • Understanding the impact of limiting beliefs on how we think and act.
  • Naming and transforming the limiting beliefs to increase creativity and flexibility in challenging situations.

Trainer: Agnieszka Pietlicka (Poland)


4-5 July 2019

Team communication and collaboration

  • Efficient conversations - leading to mutual understanding and measurable results.
  • Giving and receiving feedback that builds engagement and motivation.
  • Responding to difficult-to-hear feedback from value based choice instead of fear based reaction.
  • Celebrating success and learning from mistakes.

Trainer: Deborah Bellamy (Austria)


26-27 September 2019

Conflict-resolution and Mediation

  • Understanding the dynamics of a conflict.
  • Seeing conflict as a creative opportunity and using it to the benefit of all.
  • Moving from conflict to collaboration in 5 steps.
  • Practicing formal and informal conflict resolution.
  • Dyad and group perspective on conflict.

Trainer: Tomasz Bagiński (Poland)


17-18 October 2019
Leadership based on Cooperation

  • Leveraging your influence and leading collaboratively regardless of position.
  • Creating decision making structures beyond hierarchy or consensus rounds that are in line with NVC and supporting self-responsibility and empathetic listening.
  • Empathically challenging your team members to step into their own leadership qualities and take on full self-responsibility.
  • Leading in a way that other people don’t have to rely on being empowered by you but are empowered by the structure of the organisation.

Trainer: Georg Tarne (Germany)


21-22 November 2019

NVC Coaching in Business

  • Leveraging employee engagement by moving from managing to coaching, for  improved team performance and thriving professional relationships.
  • Listening – and picking up what’s not said.
  • Asking empowering questions that impact conversations and transform outcomes.
  • Being a catalyst for change, helping others to break through old patterns and habits.
  • Adopting a coaching mindset that supports others in tapping into their resourcefulness.
  • Supporting your team to set and reach stretch goals.

Trainer: Pernille Plantener (Denmark)



Gdańsk, Poland


Thursday: 9.00-17.00 (one hour lunch-break)

Friday: 9.00-17.00 (one hour lunch-break)


  • Regular: 11 900 PLN (+VAT) per participant
  • 2 participants from 1 company: -600 PLN per participant
  • Earlybird: 10 900 PLN (+VAT) per participant (20.11.2017)

Additional info

Translation into Polish will be provided if needed.

The programme is also available for individual companies per request

About the trainers

Kay Rung Strefa NVCKay Rung (Sweden)

Kay is an empathy teacher, mediator and book publisher. He has worked as a consultant and trainer in Sweden and internationally since 1998 and with NVC since 2001, offering his expertise to several companies and organizations, including IKEA, SCA, Junfermann Verlag, FISO, Norwegian Red Cross, European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU), Peace Ministery Viena, or United Nations. He runs a company FRIARE LIV together with Liv Larsson. He learned directly from Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC. In a fun and clear way he contributes to connection between people, offering tools with direct application to everyday life.

Agnieszka Pietlicka (Poland)

Agnieszka has been working as a trainer for more than 15 years now, she has the CVNC certificate. Her specificity is to adapt the approaches she believes in, to very different organizations: from the (German) army and universities, through a (French) school to a (Polish) company – she had the privilege to accompany people from Millennium, Huawei, Raynat, Essilor, Axa, BNP Paribas, MAN, BMW, Good Food, Bundeswehr, integrative schools, municipal social workers and more.

She loves watching the transformation of life limiting beliefs and the power of recognizing and cultivating those which support us. In her work she combines Nonviolent Communication, The Work, focusing and Internal Family Systems tools. Her biggest teachers ever are her two sons.

Deborah Bellamy (Austria)

Deborah, living in Vienna, grew up in the UK. She has been working as a freelance soft skill  trainer, consultant and facilitator for more than 20 years, in both East and West European countries. She has been a certified trainer for CNVC (Centre for Nonviolent Communication) since 2003. Working with business she cooperated with companies such as IBM, Bosch, Business Universities and Adult Education Institutes. Her passion for development, growth and sustainability has led her to support change in organisations in a compassionate and humorful manner.

Georg Tarne (Germany)

Georg is a Social Entrepreneur and New Work Consultant. Before he founded the social startup Soulbottles in 2012 he worked as an NVC trainer and mediator. Soulbottles thus became a fertile ground for figuring out how a purpose-driven business functions when it has NVC as part of its DNA from the very beginning. 2.5 years in Soulbottles adopted Holacracy as a way of structuring the work and moving beyond hierarchy or consensus rounds into effective self-organisation. Combined with NVC and regular „Clear the air“ – Meetings this makes for a really powerful combination that puts Soulbottles on the map as a leader in the international „Reinventing Organizations" movement. Georg handed over Soulbottles to the team in 2017, is currently developing his next Social Business and implements holistic self-organisation at other Holacracy companies or more conventional clients like Bosch, Audi/Volkswagen or Daimler.

Tomasz Baginski Strefa NVCTomasz Bagiński (Poland)

Tomasz is a trainer and consultant with more than 10 years of experience. He has worked with different kinds of organizations, from NGOs to Global Corporations and with different organizational levels, from line managers to CEOs. He came across NVC in 2008, applying NVC mediation in an R&D team of a technological company. The results were astonishing. Since then he became active NVC mediator and NVC mediation trainer, successfully applying NVC based tools and solutions in several commercial companies. In his approach he combines NVC, holistic view on organization represented in Theory of Constraints (TOC), and his years of experience in Project Management field.

Pernille Plantener Strefa NVCPernille Plantener (Denmark)

Originally a farm consultant, Pernille left the advisory profession to find more efficient ways of empowering people. She is a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication (2011), certified coach at PCC level (2012), trained mentor (2014) and runs the coaching and consultancy company BusinessByHeart. She supports small and medium-sized companies with reducing staff turnover, streamlining collaboration procedures, and increasing engagement at all levels. She serves as faculty in the field-leading, global coach training organization Leadership That Works. In her home country Denmark, she leads restorative mediations for the Police, and conducts meetings as external facilitator. She is a popular speaker on the Neurobiology of Coaching, Empathy at the Workplace, and Personal Leadership. She co-authored At Eyelevel with the Receiver of Violence, a manual for professionals dealing with domestic violence, in 2015. Her heart is beating for green transition, and she has fundraised and led 20+ projects in this field.

Project coordinators

Dominika Jasińska
+ 48 502 544 706

Agnieszka Rzewuska - Paca
+ 48 667 667 050

Contact: studiumbiznesu@strefanvc.pl